I’ve long had a love of the Lotto, and let’s be honest – a love of gambling! Its a fascinating and enthralling thing, the Lotto or lotteries in general. What is it that makes people buy tickets, despite the massive and almost insurmountable odds stacked against them?

I believe it lays bare a characteristic of human nature – hope. For me, Lotto players are indicative of the hopeful nature of humans. Some would sneer and say foolish, but I strongly disagree. I know well the odds of winning, yet I still choose to buy a ticket: not because I strongly believe I will win, but because there is that little glimmer of a chance I might!

That’s my philosophy on the Lotto, Irish Lotto or any lottery. This blog is, I suppose, just a way to share my enthusiasm and love of all things Lotto!

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