We have the odds of winning the Irish Lotto, the prize money you get for each winning combination, as well as the most frequently occurring numbers in the Lotto.

Odds of Winning the Irish Lotto

On September 3rd 2015, the National Lottery increased the number of balls in the draw from 45 to 47. The odds of winning one of the various prizes in the Irish Lotto based off of 47 numbers is below. The odds of winning under the "old" 45-ball game are here.

Minimum prize amounts in the Main Lotto draw don't seem to be guaranteed. They have a formula for working them out, and can change each draw, so please keep in mind the prizes listed below are not guaranteed - they are taken from the official National Lottery literature which was distributed to newsagents prior to the launch of the new game.

Combination Odds Prize Money*
6 Numbers Jackpot
10,737,573 / 1
5 Numbers and Bonus
1,789,595 / 1
5 Numbers
44,740 / 1
4 Numbers and Bonus
17,896 / 1
4 Numbers
918 / 1
3 Numbers and Bonus
688 / 1
3 Numbers
54 / 1
2 Numbers and Bonus
72 / 1
€3 Scrathcard

* Prize Money is not a guaranteed amount.

But it gets much worse as you go down the payout structure...the real odds of getting 5 number plus the bonus are now 1,789,595 / 1. The National Lottery are making a song and dance now about how they have increased the Match 5 Plus Bonus prize to €100,000, from €25,000.

However, as the odds are 1,789,595 / 1 and you pay €2 per line, in theory you should be getting €3,579,190, not €100,000. This means they are paying you only approx. 2.8% of what you should get. Unbelievable.

All is not lost though...there is much better value to be found when backing Lotto numbers with the bookies.

Lotto Numbers Frequency

How often does each number come up in the Irish Lotto draws? What are the most and least popular numbers? Fear not, the answers await you, for each of the Lotto draws.

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