Irish Lottery Random Number Generator

This is the home of Randy Andy, our very own Irish Lottery Random number generator!

Randy Andy

Based on analysis of the most and least frequently occurring Irish Lottery numbers, Randy Andy allows you to seed your number generations based on the 4 groups below.

  • The most frequently occurring Irish Lottery numbers
  • The least frequently occurring Irish Lotto numbers
  • The interquartile range, or mean occurring Irish Lotto numbers
  • Pure random selection, no analysis of past results

For example, you think that the numbers that occur most frequently in the Irish Lotto are more likely to come up in the next draw. You would then select the Most Frequently Occurring option below, and Randy Andy will then select 6 balls from the 12 most frequently occurring Irish Lottery numbers.

So go ahead, ask Randy Andy to generate a lucky pick for you!

Most Frequently Occurring

Medium Frequency

Least Frequently Occurring

Pure Random!!


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